Monday, June 23, 2008

Patrick Ruffini (the new right)

Ron Paul -- a lot of people questioned, are they even on the right? Shown how the right can innovate online, better way to raise money online;

What's happened after the campaign -- Ron Paul has gone to every convention possible, and taken over leadership without opposition. Shows that a small, networked group beats the off line institutions (large, atomized group) that we currently see in local politics in America. Every candidate that relied on the high-dollar, bundler model, lost. Newer style campaigns won. Many republicans are still shocked that Hillary lost.

Before we can take this battle to the democrats, we have to clean our own house.

the bigger challenge is how to use the movement to proscribe a positive agenda. biggest challenge for the RightRoots over the next few years.

Is it about about "stopping" things? channeling outrage? or is there something positive that we can do?

Jane: right, mostly outrage generates donations. i will make the argument for the passion for obama was actually about hillary clinton.

Micah: is being in the opposition better for the Right roots?

Patrick: around the globe, where conservatives are out of power, they're ahead online. i do think that people get upset to stop things.

An exception: Gingrich's "drill now, drill here" has 1 million signatures.

Lenora Fulani question: independents are playing a role in rebooting american politics. where do they fit?

Jane: when you break down the numbers on independents, actually they identify one way or another with one party. not quite as free swinging as the term implies.

Patrick: echo that.

Bob Kurtick: can the left and right come together against Washington? Why are mainstream National Review types supporting warrantless wiretapping, instead of Ron Paul?

Micah: we're not going to resolve partisan issues here. how process is changing and opening up. strange bedfellows.

Jane: natural online constituencies are those against DC (from left and right). the more the blogosphere aligns with DC.



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