Monday, June 23, 2008

Zephyr Teachout (Dean '04 campaign)

two different kinds of innovations. two different ways of valuing. industrial way, and democratic way of talking aobut internet politics.

both languages are very american. we're used to the syntax of each of them. in the industrial mode, we praise mass efficiency, the clever way in which resources are extracted and used. the awe that we talk about has to do with this. 1 million users on 5 million views of a youtube video.

in the democratic mode, we're not interested in distributing tasks, but power. not volunteerism, but citizenship. not mobilization but organization. using internet to bring power back to people.

i sense the same aw when 10,000 phone calls are made using the internet.

what does this look like, to build architectures where people actually have power?

the model of american associations. de tocqueville. not only industrial associations, but 1000 other kinds.

as of 1955, 5% of americans were presidents of their local associations.

We are now in one of the biggest changes in mass transportation. If this were 80 years, there would be small groups lobbying around mass transportation. If we had foreclosures like this 90 years ago, we would see 1000 groups around the country organizing in different ways.

Now this is even more possible. One standard to measure -- how many associations are there? Not how many people have contributed? How many people have the knowledge to form a group?

As you hear about all the innovations, look at them through this light. Is it an "industrial" innovation, or a "citizenship" one. is power being distributed, or tasked.

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